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720-300x300 This CD is certainly not the first you have ever held in your hands. You might even think that is yet another of those CDs, you know, a vocal-quartet-and-piano-freely-improvise-in-a-contemporary-art-gallery kind of album, you’ve got plenty of those in the basement, or attic, wherever you keep those.

Alexey Lapin — Klavier
Norbert Zajac — Stimme
Brigitte Küpper — Stimme
Gala Hummel — Stimme
Iouri Grankin — Stimme

Recorded live at GES-21 June 11, 2013, St. Petersburg

Leo Records CD LR 690

Preis: 12 € + Post Porto

720-300x300 VocColours is a vocal quartet of four adventurers Brigitte Kupper, Gala Hummel, Norbert Zajac, Iouri Grankin. The first CD of VocColours (ZvuKlang) was recorded with the Russian pianists Alexey Lapin. For their second CD VocColours find a willing partner in Renaissance man Eberhard Kranemann and venture into whimsical territories uncharted by their previous album. Recorded live in Cologne, «Luxatio» packs enough wacky energy to crack your glass wall and infect you with the fragile beauty. Mount your elephant and run!

CD LR 720 — LEO RECORDS VocColours & Eberhard Kranemann
Release date: 2015/08

Preis : 12 € + Post Porto

720-300x300 Russian Affair presents several tracks recorded by the German vocal quartet VocColours in collaboration with famouse Russian free-jazz musicians. It is a great honour for us to release this album where you can listen to the fragements of two different performances. The recording represents an ever-changing mosaic of forms connecting classical and modern music, free-jazz and improv music. We hope you enjoy the blend of German and Russian musical art! ArtBeat Music

AB-CD-09-2016-108 Art Beat Music. VocColours & Alexey Kruglov & Roman Stolyar & Oleg Judanov & Andrei Razin
Release date: 2016/09

Preis : 12 € + Post Porto

m2016_02 Drift – CosmosJazz

LiveMitschnitt aufgezeichnet am 23.Juli 2016 in Düsseldorf

Brigitte Küpper – Stimme
Iouri Grankin – Stimme
Georg Frangenberg – Kontrabass
Martin Hauf – Synthesizer, Inspirator MH-01

Preis : 20 € + Post Porto

m2016_01 Horizont – CosmosJazz

DirektMitschnitt aufgezeichnet am 26. März 2016 in Düsseldorf

Brigitte Küpper – Stimme
Iouri Grankin – Stimme
Christian Barthold – Gitarre, Bass & Effekte
Martin Hauf – Synthesizer, Inspirator MH-01

Preis : 20 € + Post Porto