Music and more

1959 – That’s when was born.

1976 – My involvement with jazz began at the Kharkov
University, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics.

1988 – I founded the Jazz Club in the city of Cherkassy
(together with Sergey Krasheninnikov, Nikolay Yevpak,
Artur Oganesian and Yuri Nikolenko).

1989 – Received the Jury Prize at the Jazz Festival
in Voroshilovograd, Ukraine.

1989, 1990, 1992 – Organized and hosted the Cherkassy Jazz Days Festival, singing with Sergey Krasheninnikov’s Trio and Nikolay Yevpak’s Big Band.

1989-1992 – Hosted the “Inside the World of Jazz” TV show on VIKKA and Ros channels in the city of Cherkassy.

1991-1993 – Performed at jazz clubs in Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands with Sergey Krasheninnikov (also with Oleg Kireyev in Poland).

1994 – Moved to Germany.

1995, 1997 – Performed at the Jazz Rally Festival in Dusseldorf with the Jazzability Big Band.

1995-2000 – Concerts with the Jazzability Big Band (feat. WDR Big Band musicians Klaus Osterloh and Andy Haderer).

2003-2012 – Performances at the Musical Vernissage in the Thomaskirche (Dusseldorf).

2008, 2010 – Performances at the Cherkassy Jazz Days Festival with Valeiy Leontiev (piano) and Georg Frangenberg (bass).

2009-current – Improvisational sessions with the Vier Linden Open Air (Dusseldorf).

2011-current – Joined to KlangDrangOrchester, VocColours und Phil Minton’s Feral Choir (Cologne).

2012-current Joined to Wuppertaler Improvisations Orchester

2013 – VocColours meet friends in Russia. Moscow. Dom. VocColours & Andrei Razin (p). St. Petersburg. GEZ-21. VocColours & Alexey Lapin (p). Support of the Goethe Institute.

2013 DecemberLabel Leo Records released our album “zvuKlang” VocColours & Alexey Lapin

2014 March “zvuKlang” in Europe Jazz Media Chart – March 2014

2014 DecemberFestival «Leo Records 35th Anniversary» Berlin, b-Flat. Performance VocColours & TJ Shredder

2015 MayRadio rbb. Channel Culture. Radio Program Late Night Jazz with VocColours & TJ Shredder, Performance at the «Leo Records 35th Anniversary» Berlin

2015 June-July – Performances of VocColours with Spontaneous Composition Orchestra in Cologne, Oberhausen and Wuppertal

2015 AugustLabel Leo Records released our album “Luxatio” VocColours & Eberhard Kranemann

2015 October«4th Leo Records Festival in Russia». 7 concerts of VocColours with russian top frei improvising musicians in Kazan, Moskau, Аrchangelsk and Sankt Petersburg. Support of the Goethe Institute

2016 July-November – Performances of VocColours with Electric Birds in Oberhausen, Cologne and Duisburg Support of the Landesmusikrat NRW

2016 August – Label Art Beat Music released our album “Russian Affair” VocColours & Alexey Kruglov & Roman Stolyar & Oleg Judanov & Andrei Razin

2017 September«Festival Jazz Art Sengawa 2017, Tokio». Performances of VocColours with japanese top frei improvising musicians in Tokio and Yokohama Support of the Goethe Institute.

2017-current – Duo Semikolon with Dirk Friedrich – chromatic harmonica, piano

2017 December Label Tonkunst Manufaktur released the album “Einzelstücke”.