Live in Japan

VocColours-Live in Japan2_CD

VocColours-Live in Japan2_CD

Live in Japan
VocColours Yoichiro Kita

01. Jungust 38:51
02. Yurei no Warutsu 10:52

Total time: 49:43

Music by VocColours(1-2), Yoichiro Kita (1-2), Makigami Koichi(2), Keiko Komori(2), Morgan Fisher(2)


VocColours: Brigitte Kuepper, Gala Gabriele Hummel, Norbert Zajac, Iouri Grankin – voices
Yoichiro Kita – trumpet, laptop

Keiko Komori – bass clarinet
Koichi Makigami – voice, theremin
Morgan Fisher – keyboard, toys

Recorded at the 10th Festival Jazz Art Sengawa, Tokyo, Japan.
Live at Sengawa Theater, 16 September 2017.

Mixed, mastering by Yoichiro Kita.
Front and Back Cover by Masaaki Ikeda.
CD Cover by Akiko Nakayama.
Cover design by Carlos Santos
Produced by Iouri Grankin and Norbert Zajac.

Thanks to all wonderfull people we met in Japan.

Thanks for the great inspiration of the live paintings of Akiko Nakayama.

Special thanks to the Goethe Institute for supporting our tour to Japan.
Special thanks from VocColours to Makigami Koichi for making one of our dreams come true.
Special thanks from VocColours to Yoichiro Kita and Yukino Nono for giving us support through their charismatic art