Music and more

1959 – That’s when was born.

1976 – My involvement with jazz began at the Kharkov
University, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics.

1988 – I founded the Jazz Club in the city of Cherkassy
(together with Sergey Krasheninnikov, Nikolay Yevpak,
Artur Oganesian and Yuri Nikolenko).

1989 – Received the Jury Prize at the Jazz Festival
in Voroshilovograd, Ukraine.

1989, 1990, 1992 – Organized and hosted the Cherkassy Jazz Days Festival, singing with Sergey Krasheninnikov’s Trio and Nikolay Yevpak’s Big Band.

1989-1992 – Hosted the “Inside the World of Jazz” TV show on VIKKA and Ros channels in the city of Cherkassy.

1991-1993 – Performed at jazz clubs in Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands with Sergey Krasheninnikov (also with Oleg Kireyev in Poland).

1994 – Moved to Germany.

1995, 1997 – Performed at the Jazz Rally Festival in Dusseldorf with the Jazzability Big Band.

1995-2000 – Concerts with the Jazzability Big Band (feat. WDR Big Band musicians Klaus Osterloh and Andy Haderer).

2003-2012 – Performances at the Musical Vernissage in the Thomaskirche (Dusseldorf).

2008, 2010 – Performances at the Cherkassy Jazz Days Festival with Valeiy Leontiev (piano) and Georg Frangenberg (bass).

2009-2022 – Improvisational sessions with the Vier Linden Open Air (Dusseldorf).

2011-current – Joined to KlangDrangOrchester and Phil Minton’s Feral Choir (Cologne).

2011-2022 – Member of  VocColours 

2012-current Joined to Wuppertaler Improvisations Orchester

2013 – VocColours meet friends in Russia. Moscow. Dom. VocColours & Andrei Razin (p). St. Petersburg. GEZ-21. VocColours & Alexey Lapin (p). Support of the Goethe Institute.

2013 DecemberLabel Leo Records released our album “zvuKlang” VocColours & Alexey Lapin

2014 March “zvuKlang” in Europe Jazz Media Chart – March 2014

2014 DecemberFestival «Leo Records 35th Anniversary» Berlin, b-Flat. Performance VocColours & TJ Shredder

2015 MayRadio rbb. Channel Culture. Radio Program Late Night Jazz with VocColours & TJ Shredder, Performance at the «Leo Records 35th Anniversary» Berlin

2015 June-July – Performances of VocColours with Spontaneous Composition Orchestra in Cologne, Oberhausen and Wuppertal

2015 AugustLabel Leo Records released our album “Luxatio” VocColours & Eberhard Kranemann

2015 October«4th Leo Records Festival in Russia». 7 concerts of VocColours with russian top frei improvising musicians in Kazan, Moskau, Аrchangelsk and Sankt Petersburg. Support of the Goethe Institute

2016 July-November – Performances of VocColours with Electric Birds in Oberhausen, Cologne and Duisburg Support of the Landesmusikrat NRW

2016 August – Label Art Beat Music released our album “Russian Affair” VocColours & Alexey Kruglov & Roman Stolyar & Oleg Judanov & Andrei Razin

2017 September«Festival Jazz Art Sengawa 2017, Tokio». Performances of VocColours with japanese top frei improvising musicians in Tokio and Yokohama Support of the Goethe Institute.

2017-2018 – Duo Semikolon with Dirk Friedrich – chromatic harmonica, piano

2017 December Label Tonkunst Manufaktur released the album “Einzelstücke”.

2018 November «Festival Free Fest 2018, Kyiv». Performances VocColours in Impro Opera Shpuns and with Ukrainian Improvisers Orchestra Support of the Ukrainian Culture Fund.

2019 May«Festival Electroshock, Palermo. Performances VocColours with Lelio Giannetto and La grande Orchestra Electroshock

2019 OctoberLabel Creative Sources Recordings released the album “Live in Japan”.