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A gdzie są te drogi, w powietrzu, na lądzie ?
Where are these roads, in the air, on the ground?

I am Iouri Grankin. Welcome to my web-page!

The idea to create this web-page emerged spontaneously and it would not have been successful without support from Anton Mukomela and Kostja Kolodnitskij of Cherkassy Sunrise Jazz Quintet. Thank you guys! Well here it is! I hope you will enjoy your visit.

It is not incidental that the word “jazz” is in this web-page’s name. Jazz music, especially jazz vocal music, is an important part of my own life.

I owe my passion for jazz to Polish and American jazz. This passion started in the 70’s when I was studying at the Mechanics and Mathematics Department of Kharkov University. Miraculously, this passion has endured to the present day. In the language of mathematics, the famous phrase “Living the jazz” is an axiom in my life.

I owe a lot to Jazz. It is the source of my inspiration and joy. It is the moving force behind my creativity and self-expression. It is the cause of my creative successes and setbacks. Jazz helped me overcome many of my imperfections. Through playing jazz I met amazing jazz players who are both connected and disconnected by their music. I even would not even have had my family and wouldn’t live where I live now if it were not for jazz! In my view, both music and sports, which I was also engaged with for many years, are sources of education. Both helped me to develop stamina, resistance to stress, and the right attitude to success and failure.

So, I can answer the question “What would your life be like without jazz?” unequivocally: It would be much poorer!